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We love what we do


We pledge to maintain a close relationship with our clients.


We work meticulously on each and every job.


We bring this quality to the fore in all our undertaskings, which means we always offer our clients the best options.

We like to dream big and to be at the forefront of the visual development of images, videos and applications. Our objective is to transform concepts into life experiences.

At Factoria 5 we approach each new project with customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our architectural expertise, cutting-edge technology and passion for our work combine together to allow us to attain new spatial experiences and sensations.


In 2011, a group of five young architects, consisting of Juan López, Mario Pérez, Marina Parreño, José Carlos Román and Manuel López, founded the company Factoría 5. They launched it with the aim of conveying the essential aspects of each project and of bringing them to life in images. Factoría 5’s images not only explain a project’s geometry and matierials, they also tell us a story about the ways people experience architecture, The company’s creative concerns are complemented by hard work, dedication and an eye for even the smallest details.