portada de aplicaciones de realidad aumentada para el diseño de interiores

Augmented reality applications for interior design

It has never been easier to create and visualise the interior design of your home and office projects. With the augmented reality applications that have hit the market in recent years, you can visualise the designs in your head in a more concrete way, and you don’t even need to leave your bed.

These applications work on smartphones or tablets and their main purpose is to answer the question “how might this look” and give us a much truer vision than we might otherwise have.

Normally, in most of these applications, you upload a few photographs of the space, fill out a short form about your tastes and say what you would like to change.

Let’s see what specific applications can help you with interior design.

Ikea augmented reality app

The Ikea virtual reality application is one of the best-known pioneers of this type of software. It allows you to preview all the products in its catalogue in a space in your home.

First, you need to upload a photo of the space and then you can drag the products to that space. You can print the final design with all the measurements and the total cost.

Tap measure: measuring with augmented reality

Tap measure is an augmented reality application only available on the app store. This app is basically a tape measure that works using the camera of an Apple device.

It is a tool that takes measurements in a fairly precise way. It can be used to make area measurements, or as a bubble level tool, and it saves you the need to transfer the measurements to a program to solve them in 3D.

Istaging: Previewing objects and spaces

Istaging is an augmented reality application available on the play store and app store that lets you see the real size of furniture in a space. You can take pictures of your interior design ideas to show your roommate or anyone else. It should be noted that user reviews are mostly negative and say that it is only useful for testing colour combinations. However, it is a little extra help when it comes to imagining interior design.

Interior design with the Houzz app

The closest thing to augmented reality that the Houzz application provides is that it lets you to make sketches with your decoration ideas and your own photos. For example, how a new five-foot worktop, ceiling lamp or extractor fan would fit into your kitchen.

The Houzz app is well reviewed thanks mainly to the large number of decorating ideas you can collect.

Conclusion of augmented reality applications for interior design

A single application of this type will probably fall short when it comes to imagining or recreating interior design. On the other hand, combining them can be a good (and free) way to create an interior design by yourself that is fairly close to reality. Of course, the results are no match for what a professional in the sector can offer.

Interior design and architecture with virtual reality

At Factoría5, we have gone much further. We use the latest technology, letting you explore different remodelling scenarios or the new interior design of your home or office. We apply virtual reality to your projects, so you will not only be able to walk through these scenarios, but you will also be able to modify the textures, choose different furniture, see the dimensions of the furniture and space you want to modify, and even modify the layout of space. This way, you get an accurate, real, and photorealistic experience of what your home or office would look like.

If you want more information about our virtual reality service for architecture and interior design, you can find it here.

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