marketing para proyectos con walkthroughs arquitectónicos

Marketing for projects with architectural walkthroughs

Architectural walkthroughs are a visual tool that go further than static 3D images. They are a great way to display projects with realistic settings and lighting. It also lets visitors interact with the project.

In general, walkthroughs are an excellent sales tool for undecided investors or clients. A highly detailed visual and interactive experience is bound to make an impression and it can also make the difference when closing a deal.

A different way of presenting a project

An architect can plan a building or interior design with a high level of detail. Even so, sometimes the problem is not designing the project itself, but rather presenting it.

Traditional resources such as sketches, drawings, or even models may fall a little short today. “An image is worth a thousand words” is still a true statement, but static digital images are no longer enough. The architectural walkthrough takes this saying to another level, combining different types of image resources to create a memorable experience.

The vision best suited to the final project

Since the advent of CGI, architects have also relied on photorealistic sketches for their proposals, but not everyone has mastered this technology to the point of making it an effective sales weapon. Implementing these types of tools in the sales process can make a difference in a competitive environment.

This is where architectural visualisation studios come in. They specialise in creating walkthroughs and immersive virtual reality experiences. A studio like ours can create interactive designs, allowing clients to experience the project for themselves.

This is a very basic example of a virtual tour through a single-family home:

Go on, touch it!

What better way to remember a project than by interacting with it? Walkthroughs or virtual tours give visitors information about the dimensions and materials of the project, but also offer users the opportunity to configure their environment.

Changing the lighting, materials, or furniture of a space are just some of the options. It is not just a way of attracting attention; it also improves the briefing process and the way in which clients can give feedback.

For example, here is a short video with a selection of interactive tours.


Now you have shown the added value of the project and the client will probably be very satisfied with what they have seen.

It will be exactly how you want it

At this point, the architect or interior design studio might start having doubts about the final result.

Will the final render be faithful to the original design? Will the furniture be the way we want it? Will a render be able to display the exact point of view I have in mind?

In our case, we can make sure that we are following a process that is carefully managed by 3D experts, architects, and interior designers. We use accurate colours, specific types of joints, the exact furniture that the customer asks for, etc.

If the client wants to see or give particular importance to a specific space in the project, we can make infographics and 3D renders worthy of an interior design magazine. We understand that reaching such a high level of detail can make the difference when presenting a project.

If you have a project to present and you want to add the key difference-maker, you can stop by our architectural visualisation studio and browse our services.

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