Hotel Ikos Andalusia

Hotel Images 3D

The exclusive Ikos Resorts have brought their world of luxury and Mediterranean hospitality to the dazzling coasts of southern Spain. With mile after mile of golden sand lapped by gin-clear waters, this stunning location on the peaceful shores of Guadalmansa Beach boasts more than twenty-one hectares of spectacular gardens and leisure facilities.
Factoria 5 prepared the 3D images of the hotel, from bird’s-eye views of the entire resort to detailed images of the rooms and guest areas. A meticulous modelling of thousands of square metres within a setting rich in details and textures.
A whole host of materials and textures were used, creating spaces with wonderful visual richness and contrast, while also warm and welcoming. The most important aspect was to reflect the exclusivity of a truly unique destination. The warmth of the Málaga coastline oozes through every corner of this hotel, the début of the Ikos brand in Spain.
We also worked intensively on the vegetation, especially with the different types of palm trees that populate indoor and outdoor spaces. Although the bulk of the project involved producing all the renderings of the hotel rooms, with an innumerable range of spaces and layouts, the most exciting thing by far was creating the images of the guest spaces. Huge lobbies and themed restaurants with an array of details and varied designs were a challenge and, ultimately, a reward thanks to the great results obtained.