Le Meridien Lav Hotel

Architectural Rendering for Hotel

The Adriatic Sea was the chief inspiration behind the interior design of this hotel, designed by Brime & Robbins. The turquoise-tinged views were framed from inside the rooms by using simple and elegant materials such as local limestone, ash wood and maritime textiles.
For the renderings of this hotel, the goal was to reflect the intention of reviving the glamour of resort holidays so that it would show practicality, as well as a strong sense of discovery for the guest.
We recreated the bright atmosphere that would be expected of a Mediterranean hotel simply with the use of warm sunlight and some occasional lighting as an accent. As in all our hotel room renderings, we paid special attention to achieving photorealistic materials, with very natural-looking woods and velvety fabrics to secure a feeling of comfort. Perhaps the biggest challenge was the creation of realistic limestone pieces with specific reliefs simulating shell markings.