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Virtual reality for architecture

Make your projects a (virtual) reality

Thanks to game-changing technologies we can bring your proyects to life in a amazing way.  Factoria 5 uses VR technology to make it possible. We provide virtual reality applications and immersive, interactive vizualizations centring on architecture and interior design.

VR Services

Static 360 VR

Experience the sensation of finding yourself inside your project and being able to see it in every detail as though it were already built.

  • architectural render of bedroom
    Entrega Unifamiliar Dormitorio principal

Walk-through Scenes

Thanks to ultrarealistic 3D settings, you can walk inside a virtual rendering of your project without having to leave the room.

Interactive virtual reality app

Once you are “inside” your project, VR solutions let you interact with the space in several ways, from changing the material of a partition wall, altering the chosen luminaire or even the lighting in a room.

electronic devices for virtual reality


virtual reality for architecture

Very real presentations

VR technology allows users a spatial experience in which they can interact with architectural and interior design projects from anywhere in the world and long before they are actually built.

Interactive spaces

Walk inside the spaces of your project and select from a variety of design element options.

Engage more strongly with your clients

VR experiences are an innovative and fun way of surprising your clients and allowing them to play an active role in the design process.